You Are Going To Make Some Folks Uncomfortable…Deal With It!


“Sometimes life seems uncomfortable and that’s actually when life starts.”
M.H. Rakib

Since the last time I blogged many things in my life have changed. My visions have increased, my network has expanded, one child has left the nest and another is on his way to flying out next year. I’ve shared my journey via speaking engagements with more people and I have created more live events for my online community The Dreamers Circle. My ex-husband and I have become better parents and friends and some friends have now become strangers. I resigned from my job to work 40+hours a week for myself and decided that I needed to live instead of exist by investing my time and energy into my own business Youth Vision Runners.

It’s suffice to say that many of these decisions made me and the people around me very uncomfortable. I will even go out on a limb like Teena Marie and say some folks think I am foolish or crazy for doing half of the things listed above. They cannot understand how this reformed professional high school skipper now Master College Prep Coach,  who was once a teenage mama, with 3 children, 2 divorces, 2 college degrees and a whole lot of resolved and unresolved baggage can be so comfortable with change and challenge.

Here is my message to all of you: Life is full of highs and lows. Life is full of people who get it and those that don’t. If you go through life trying to stay in the box that society has so pleasantly put you in eventually you out grow the box. If you continue to live by fictitious mind bondage and the narrative created you will never be comfortable. It is only by stretching, bending, and contorting your ENTIRE life that the discomfort eventually becomes comfort. When you have had as many JUMP moments as I’ve encountered you welcome the newness of the unknown.

So the next time you decide to judge or question someone else’s newness ask yourself this one question “when was the last time I added some newness and unconformability to my life?” If you can’t remember, shut your pie hole and go find you some.

I’m BAAAAACCCCKKKKK somebody cue the Tootsee Roll Music!


Come Out of the Shadows: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed

275H (1)

The picture above is so profound. The woman proudly displaces “I’m A Winner” in the forefront. However, in the background her eyes are covered by the Aaliyah bang and it’s very blurry. I have to also note that she is smiling. Or is she? Can we really tell if it’s real or fake like Patty’s hair that Alexander O’Neal sang about? And that good people is how a lot of us (myself included) live out life on some occasions.

In the forefront is our outward appearance of hey, I’m doing me! I’m winning on all cylinders and levels. It’s all good. I got it going on. But really in the background there are times that this is furthest from the truth. And in those times, just like the eyes that are hidden from us by the Aaliyah bang we tend to hide.

As I become more and more passionate, knowledgeable, and informed about my gift of helping women put legs on their visions so that they can walk into their new reality (yes, that was a not so shameless plug for Gifted Visions Unlimited) I have experienced this contradiction on so many levels. I took many of the necessary steps to position myself to answer the call on my life. But there are times that feel like I have put the fullness of my dream on hold and the elevator music is playing in the BACKGROUND. Was I scared? Sort of. Did I believe in myself? Not all the time. Would I promote other people, places and things to prevent me from fulling committing to myself? Bingo!

You, me, her, she, WE have to stop hiding behind the bang. It only serves the enemy’s agenda when we play small. When we doubt our gifts and talents. When we say “I’m A Winner” in the forefront of your mind, but in the recesses of your mind you doubt if there is a winner in you the enemy wins. Plain and simple. Straight, no chaser (for all of my none drinkers that’s code for no juice or pop with this drink).

We must stop ordering a side of self sabotage with the filet mignon dream. Get off of the menu of doubt. You don’t need another person to confirmation what you already know. You are enough. Get the bang out of your face and start really winning!