Things That Make Me Go Ziggity Boom: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


My personality is one that is sweet, sassy, sarcastic, humorous, and analytical all rolled into a short ball of energy (I’m only 5’4). I talk fast, I laugh loud (especially at myself) and I try to find the humor in most situations. Except death. I don’t play with death. However, every now and then there are some things that just get under my relacore. That’s the nickname for the fat around my stomach. We all have pet peeves that make us go Ziggity Boom!  My good friend Shelonda told me she missed my lists of Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed on Facebook. So I decided to grant her wish. Here’s your list boo enjoy!

The Top Five Pet Peeves that make me go Ziggity Boom:

  1. Repeating myself more than one time. I cannot stand repeating myself more than one time. I have been practicing giving people a certain level of grace recently because I would want the same thing. BUT, I cannot stand repeating myself more than one time. Especially when I know you weren’t paying attention and the information is important. This usually rears it’s ugly head at work with college students. My response after the first time is this major-payne-original.jpg
  2. Being played like I am boo-boo the fool. See this is how my mind works when I feel like I am being played like a bad hand of spades (click on the link, AwesomelyLuvie will bless your life baby). I ask a question that I already have the answer to but I pretend  I don’t know the answer so that I can hear you say the truth out loud. Then I begin to nonchalantly continue to ask you questions until the truth is uttered by the person I am interrogating. I am a critical thinker and I am quick on my feet. I already have my questions lined up from the beginning of the conversation. Ok, let me stop there. I am giving away too many honeycomb hideout secrets LOL!you-tried-it-tamar.gif
  3. People who are mean to youth and elderly for no reason. I was in the airport over the summer waiting to pick up my son. I sat next to a woman who traveling with her elderly mother (who was in a wheelchair by the way) and let me just say the daughter was meaner than a rattlesnake. I felt so sorry for her mother. The way she spoke to her mother about giving a tip to the assistant and being cheap was appalling. Now the Good Book says: Exodus 20:12 (TLB)12 “Honor your father and mother, that you may have a long, good life in the land the Lord your God will give you.

    In my mind I was thinking “your mama probably labored for 50-11 hours pushing your ungrateful self out of her womb, fed, bathe and clothe your behind and this is how you treat her?” I gave her the meanest stank eye ever created and started talking to her mama like she was my grandma. Sometimes you have to slap the devil to sleep with kindness.tumblr_inline_msw0ewXOZ51qz4rgp.gif 

  4. Folks who are always negative. Everything is not always rainbows and sunshine. However, everything is not clouds, rain and silent tears. Negative Nouns (persons, places and things) that never see the opportunities in their obstacles irritate my soul. Is everyday a bad day? All of us have our days, especially if we live long enough to have a mate, children, a job, a side hustle, church….. life (you can see where I’m going with this). Having a bad day is just a part of our journey. But if everyday is a bad day and you can’t find a small ray of joy then I need you to seek help outside of yourself. Life ain’t that bad and being negative all of the time ain’t that good. images-4.jpg
  5. Folks who feel like they have arrived. I work in an industry where everyone likes to signify, pontificate and dogmatize every chance they get. In the words of Kanye West (who knew him and his wife would be written about in my blog?) you ain’t got the answers!  It is one thing to have a dialogue or discussion of diverse views. It’s another thing to feel like you have degrees, you made it out the ‘hood and somehow you have arrived to this place of knowledge and revelation that others are beneath you. I’m not saying you have to carry the whole ‘hood on your back as you walk across the stage to receive your degree, but what I am saying is that all of us are fighting a silent battle that no one knows about. Be sensitive to that. You really don’t know fully why people make the decisions/choices that they do. In the words of one of my BFF’s “never say never”. The only place you need to arrive to is church on Sunday morning so you can lay that double-minded brain on the altar. Okay, that was a bit harsh even for me, but I’m trying to make a point people. 08-NeNe-Spotlight1.gif

So there you have it My Top 5 Pet Peeves that Make Me Go Ziggity Boom! Share with me in the comments section your Top 5 Ziggity Boom Peeve Moments!

As always, Thanks for coming out, God Bless and Goodnight!