You Are Going To Make Some Folks Uncomfortable…Deal With It!


“Sometimes life seems uncomfortable and that’s actually when life starts.”
M.H. Rakib

Since the last time I blogged many things in my life have changed. My visions have increased, my network has expanded, one child has left the nest and another is on his way to flying out next year. I’ve shared my journey via speaking engagements with more people and I have created more live events for my online community The Dreamers Circle. My ex-husband and I have become better parents and friends and some friends have now become strangers. I resigned from my job to work 40+hours a week for myself and decided that I needed to live instead of exist by investing my time and energy into my own business Youth Vision Runners.

It’s suffice to say that many of these decisions made me and the people around me very uncomfortable. I will even go out on a limb like Teena Marie and say some folks think I am foolish or crazy for doing half of the things listed above. They cannot understand how this reformed professional high school skipper now Master College Prep Coach,  who was once a teenage mama, with 3 children, 2 divorces, 2 college degrees and a whole lot of resolved and unresolved baggage can be so comfortable with change and challenge.

Here is my message to all of you: Life is full of highs and lows. Life is full of people who get it and those that don’t. If you go through life trying to stay in the box that society has so pleasantly put you in eventually you out grow the box. If you continue to live by fictitious mind bondage and the narrative created you will never be comfortable. It is only by stretching, bending, and contorting your ENTIRE life that the discomfort eventually becomes comfort. When you have had as many JUMP moments as I’ve encountered you welcome the newness of the unknown.

So the next time you decide to judge or question someone else’s newness ask yourself this one question “when was the last time I added some newness and unconformability to my life?” If you can’t remember, shut your pie hole and go find you some.

I’m BAAAAACCCCKKKKK somebody cue the Tootsee Roll Music!

Life Lessons from a 6 Year Old Wordsmith: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


Life is about constant change and movement. We all live storm-focused lives. We are either approaching, going through or coming out the storms of life. Just like change, storms are constant and inevitable. The most important part of weathering your storm is your outlook. Are your eyes fixed on all of the turbulence of the storm? Or is your heart filled with anticipation for the sunshine and rainbows once the storm is over? It’s all about perspective.

Let me be honest. There were times when I embraced change like getting a hug from a bill collector. However, I have learned to kiss change on the lips like it’s Idris Elba! Don’t judge me…I can love Jesus and Idris. And really, I have learned to love change.


Our children can also sense when change is happening. They pay more attention to what we do and less to what we say. They take their cues from on how to deal with adversity, change, disappointment and the storms of life. My 6 year old told me to write these four things about life in my blog.

She is like E.F. Hutton when she talks, people listen:

  • Your life is like money. The more you have the more you grow.
  • Your life is like a grocery bag. You keep filling up your dreams.
  • The earth is like life. It goes around and around. Then your dreams come true.
  • Your life is like traffic. Sometimes you get stuck. But then the light turns green and you can go again.

Profound words for a 6 year old. And I am not just saying that because she is cute and mine!

She has a front row seat to my real life 9 to 5 changing in a very long, drawn-out manner. In the words of my mama “it don’t take all day to do nothing”; it’s taking all day. While I am in the middle of this storm I have taken this time to work on me: my dreams, hopes, purpose and passion. She sees this process and is paying attention to my response. I am trying my best to instill in her that:

  • Your attitude determines your altitude.
  • In all situations you are either the teacher or the pupil. Your response determines which side of the desk you sit on.
  • Love what you do and do what you love.

It really helps to understand that we are sent on assignments from God. Once your assignment is up, you move on to the next one. But ONLY if you are OPEN enough for God to USE you! Our journeys are never about us, they are always about what God is doing to us and through us for the betterment of His Kingdom.