The Power of Connection: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


One of my best friend’s, Andrea, gave birth to a gorgeous bouncing baby girl, Zoe, two weeks ago. I decided to surprise her and be there right after she gave birth. Watching my friend become a mother after years of waiting, fasting, and praying was nothing short of a blessing and miracle wrapped into one sweet-faced brown baby package. As I watched the nurse place the baby directly on my friend’s skin an idea crossed my mind. There is so much power in hearing a person’s voice and being close to them before you even meet them in person. That baby girl knew her mom’s voice instantly and it was the only one that could soothe her. As my friend cradled her to start the breastfeeding process, Zoe latched on quickly. It was at that moment I realized the power of connection.

Zoe never saw Andrea’s face or felt her skin until the day she arrived out of the womb. I liken this to the whole online process of doing business with people. There are many people and causes we become close to in business and in our personal lives simply via the power of connection. Because we are in a social media day and age we share many of our lives tragedy, triumphs and tribulations with folks we have never met in person. The power of connection has the ability to move mountains. Shake foundations and establish strong bonds.

Our connections must be authentic just like the love between Andrea and Zoe. As kingdom-minded business people we must remember our “why”. Why did we fast, pray and wait for our divine business and connection the way Andrea did for Zoe? Only you can answer that question. But if you dig deep enough into your heart I am sure you will find the answer.

If you are looking for a way to make divine connections with women who are dedicated to their purpose, vision and gifts please join us in the Dreamers Circle on Facebook. If you need help discovering your “why” please email me at I would love to assist you in uncovering your purpose in life.


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