Quit Quitting: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed

youwinHalf of the year is already gone. It is now the beginning of June. What did you declare, commit or resolve to do on January 1st that you are not doing today?  Did you declare that this was your year to lose that extra 20 pounds? Did you commit to planning the work and working the plan? Or did you make a resolution to simply quit quitting. As a child I was allowed to quit most activities when I either lost interest or my friends no longer showed up. Violin, tap, girl scouts….you name it I quit it. This behavior then carried on into my teenage and early adult years. I quit school, jobs, and people when the slightest bit of adversity crept into my life. Yes. I. Quit. Quitting never feels good. It makes us feel ashamed, embarrassed and guilty as hell that we never finish what we start.

Let me be real transparent for a second. As much as I encourage, support and motivate other folks I almost had a moment of quitting last month. I wanted to throw in the towel. And go back into my honeycomb hideout and just be old regular Vanita who worked with youth, ate $5.00 sushi on Tuesdays and drank green tea at night. I wanted to shut down the part of my brain that loves to create, write and strategize for myself and others. I felt like I wasn’t making any progressive. My finances and life were getting the best of me. I know how to pray. I know how to journal and I know how to reach out to others. But I still wanted to quit. The young girl inside of me wanted to retreat back to old habits, sit on the bench and watch the game as a spectator and not a participant. I would just live vicariously through others.

There are two things that forced me to suit up and get back into the game. First, was a note my 7 year old daughter wrote. She likes to read and write like her mama. I know she is watching my every move because of messages like this:


“Sometimes it can be hard to work but you have to keep trying”~Alexa, age 7

The second was something that God whispered ever so sweetly in my ear about three years ago “the blessing is in the book”. That message has two meanings. All blessings seen and unseen can be traced back to the Bible aka The Good Book. But my ability to write books is what will bless my life and help with legacy building.

In order to quit quitting sometimes you have to remember the reason you joined the team in the first place. Other times you have to constantly tell yourself that my purpose is bigger than my adversity in this moment. At what point will we quit quitting and make our hopes, dreams and visions a reality?

Tell me in the comments why and how you will quit quitting. I would love to hear from you.



2 thoughts on “Quit Quitting: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed

  1. Wow! This is very encouraging 🙂 my life was also the same growing up. I used to quit everything, and didn’t care about nothing but my kids, and husband. Then all of a sudden something happened in my life. I witnessed elderly abuse and neglect. It felt like a knife going straight through my heart! I have 5 beautiful children and gained a wonderful husband, and then in that moment at the nursing home; I knew it was God. I have been abused growing up as a child, so in that moment I knew what and how that resident felt:( What I am doing with my life now running a business. I didn’t see myself doing that; I didn’t see myself having a dream. However, God told me what my vision, mission and purpose was/is. So I’ve also learned not to give up. Thank you so much for this message! You have a very blessed day


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