Change Your Narrative w/Ava Eagle Brown: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed

Ava Brown

People often say that we need to face our problems head on. In the narrative of Ava Eagle Brown her life hinged on how fast her feet hit the pavement running from the mean streets of her hometown. Faced with obstacles that would seem insurmountable to the naked eye, Ava knew she had to spread her wings and fly so that she could live the life that would impact the lives of many.

Ava Eagle Brown was born and raised in Jamaica and currently lives in London. She is the owner of Ava Eagle Brown Consultants. Ava is an in demand transformation coach, author and speaker who is not afraid to break barriers or try new things in her business. Come along as we travel with Ava through her narrative of moving from pain to purpose.


Tell us about your childhood.


I grew up in one of the poorest areas of Jamaica. In this community I learned life lessons of perseverance and survival. From a young age, the belief that I was destined for more than the community recreational activities of sex, raising babies and going to the farm gave me the courage to forge a very different path than the one expected. The need to find food often won out over attending school. My adolescent years were encased in the dark shadows of incest and sexual abuse. And as a young adult, I experienced the frightening occurrence of being held up at gunpoint. These chain of events caused me to flee my home country in order to save my sanity.


What would you say was the narrative that was expressed to you based upon where you grew up, how you grew up and the messages you received?


I was told I would not amount to anything. The people around me were not role models. As a result, I felt that my only hope was to have babies and go to the farm.


How did that narrative play out in your decisions, actions and feelings about yourself?


As a child I struggled with low self esteem, low morale and generally lived a life of hopelessness to an extent. I acted in ways that were based on my environment and disliked my childhood.


What was the catalyst or main event that made you say that narrative needed to change?


I have had a few. But I would say the one that pushed me the hardest was when my husband made love to me one night and the next night he reported me to the police for harassment. I knew something had to shift. And that shift had to be ME!


What is the new narrative in your life?


Oh my new narrative is simply regardless of where I have been and what has happened to me I know and have proven that I have the tools to make the shift into the direction I want. Today I am on my Purpose Walk and that is what I teach my clients through my coaching and rewriting of their stories.


How does this new narrative show up in your everyday life?


My new narrative makes me happier, free and more aligned with the inner diamond that I am inside.  It allows me to transform lives daily in my business. I help broken women and men who now see me as a role model of possibility. My motto is the word IMPOSSIBLE says I’M Possible.



What advice would you give someone who wanted to create a new narrative but didn’t know how to do it?
I would say to them that the first step is to identify that you need to make a shift. Once that is done then you need to understand that change does not come without a decision. So move from wanting to change to actually implementing the things needed to change. Yes, it will be challenging, but, if I can do it so can you. You just need to take the first step towards change and the process becomes a lot easier as there are others who have crossed over. They are ready to take your hand , BUT you have to be willing to make the first step. My life is a rollercoaster ride that breaks hearts, motivates, inspires and fuels the desire for change.
Ava’s narrative touches on many issues that girls and women around the world experience daily. It is our job to let them know that they can be in it but not of it. There is healing, joy and life on the other side of the pain. We must reclaim our joy. However many need a helping hand to go through that process. Will you be like Ava and use your pain to fuel someone else’s purpose? The world is calling. Answer the phone.
For more information on Ava Eagle Brown’s services please visit her social media platforms.
Facebook  Ava Eagle Brown
Instagram @Avabrown24
Twitter @avabrown24



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