Change Your Narrative w/LeTonya Moore: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed

LeTonya Moore

What happens to the girl who grew up with conditional love? Love is bound to be confusing in a family where love is more of a noun than a verb. True love in its purest form is more about action and less about words. The narrative of LeTonya Moore is one of redefining love and knowing that who you bring to the table of love is ENOUGH. LeTonya grew up in Huntsville, Alabama and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the owner of Opulence TV, a platform for independent artists, entertainers, filmmakers and producers to showcase their products via worldwide distribution. LeTonya is also a licensed attorney who practices in the areas of business law, federal labor & employment law, and entertainment law.

When there are strings attached to the conditions of love you can become a puppet. LeTonya has finally decided to cut the strings and live life on her own terms. Here is her narrative in her own words.


Tell us about your childhood.


I grew up with my mother, father, and sister. We were definitely lower-middle class, but I did not know that growing up. We were raised primarily with my father’s family and have a pretty close knit family community. It was a very competitive environment. My age group consisted of boys, so I was a tomboy and had few little girls as friends before middle school.

What was the narrative that was expressed to your growing up?
Love is conditional. Love is transactional. And you had to be a certain way or do a certain thing to be worthy of that love.



How did that narrative play out in your actions, thoughts or decisions?



This created dysfunctional thinking and outcomes in relationships. I often settled for things that were just unacceptable because I thought I had to compromise to be loved.


What was the catalyst or main event that caused you to change your narrative?


I found myself in a relationship that was not good for me. I realized that I was with this man because I wanted to be in a relationship and I ignored signs that we were not a good match. I looked away from certain things because I thought they did not affect me, that were. But in reality they were cues and clues to get moving.



What is your new narrative?


The new narrative is to place value on service, relationships, and accountability. The best way to live your purpose is to use what God has given you to improve the lives of others (within reason). When you realize that your gifts, talents, skills, and abilities were given to you to be a blessing in the world it makes life easier. My new relationship narrative is just be who God made you to be, flaws and all. Most importantly, be comfortable in where God has you and where he will take you because everyone can’t go. Nor is everyone meant to go. I’m holding myself accountable for decisions that I have made and for the outcomes from those decisions.


How does this new narrative show up in your life?


I am very honest about boundaries, drawing lines, and having open effective communication.


What advice would you give someone who wanted to change their narrative but didn’t know how?


Start with a pros and cons sheet. What are your pros and cons based on your own standards? Then write down what makes each a pro or con and why? Eventually, they will see their present narrative and develop ways to make the change.


Sometimes the drive to achieve is fueled by our pain. Sometimes life situations show us that we deserve more. How we think about and treat ourselves is a direct indication to others what we will and will not allow in our space. Creating healthy boundaries is important in any relationship. I know that LeTonya is thankful to God that He showed her her purpose in life but also that He showed her how to love on her own terms.


Thank you LeTonya for sharing your narrative!


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