Change Your Narrative w/Danielle Boose: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


When you go through life feeling like the odds are not in your favor throwing in the towel on a better life seems to be the easy thing to do. Well, for Danielle Boose she made the active decision to take the towel, make a knot, and create a lifeline for herself and her children. Danielle grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia and now makes Virginia Beach, Virginia her home. She is the proud owner of Danielle Boose Coaching & Consulting and Achievable Greatness. Danielle is an expert in the areas of empowerment, educational services, business development and marketing. Danielle’s narrative has all of the makings of a made for tv movie. But as we take a closer look at her new reality we see that it far exceeds any scripted tv show.



Tell us about your childhood.


I grew up in a single parent home. My parents divorced when I was young. I struggled with a father who battled with issues of substance abuse, sexual abuse, teen pregnancy, and feelings of unworthiness.



What would you say was the narrative that was expressed to you based upon where you grew up, how you grew up and the messages you received?
Based on my experiences and negative behaviors, I’d end up in low income housing and not amount to much in life. I was going to be another statistic with a kid or kids that I could not provide for and the state would be taking care of my family.
How did that narrative play out in your decisions, actions and feelings about yourself?
I internalized my failure for many years and believed that I wasn’t worthy of positive experiences. I felt I was handed a bad deck of cards in life and things would always be challenging.
What was the catalyst or main event that made you say that narrative needed to change?
I gave birth to my daughter and wanted to give her a better life. She became my hope and gave me the desire to change my narrative.
What is the new narrative in your life?
I can do all things through Christ. I refuse to allow anyone or anything to keep me from reaching my goals and walking in my purpose.
How does this new narrative show up in your everyday life?
God has been showing up and showing out in my life. I’m a warrior in every sense of the word. I have overcome sexual assault, teen pregnancy, and survived a heart attack that could’ve ended my life. Since my transition from seeing life as a blessing, I’ve managed two businesses, advocated for sexual assault, heart disease, and mental illness, written and published a bestselling book, “Life and Lyrics: Through Danielle’e Eyes” and shared my story with countless others empowering them to seize their inner warrior.
What advice would you give someone who wanted to create a new narrative but didn’t know how to do it?
I’d encourage them to seek out others who are accomplishing their dreams despite their circumstances, pay attention to how they go about reaching their goals and mirror the healthy behaviors. Spend quiet time alone reflecting upon your purpose and passions and find opportunities daily to make actionable steps towards your goals.


See Tyler Perry couldn’t even write an ending like Danielle’s. The devil tried to keep her from her destiny but God stepped in and told him not today buddy, not today. And for that we are forever grateful that her star is allowed to shine.



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One thought on “Change Your Narrative w/Danielle Boose: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed

  1. Congratulations Danielle……! I am always thrilled to see another sister using the opportunity God gives to make the world a better place by changing the cycle in our family’s life.


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