Change Your Narrative w/Rosanne Reid: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


As a mother of three fabulous masterpieces my heart goes out to tonight’s #ChangeYourNarrative participant. Our job as parents is to protect, love, and honor our children at all costs. But during Rosanne Reid’s childhood she was not protected, did not feel loved and her gifts were not honored. However, she did not let that stop her from sharing her purpose and passion with the world. Rosanne Reid was born and raised in Jamaica. She is the owner of BeeFree Marketing. Her mission is to help others birth and monetize their dreams through empowerment, speaking, lifestyle coaching and business consulting.

Tell us about your childhood.

I was born and raised in the Suburbs of St. Andrew, Jamaica, the first of 5 children for my parents. I grew up in a closed-sect church which is segregated from the rest of the world. My childhood was bittersweet and it is mostly littered with memories of the emotional and physical abuse I suffered during my childhood. I suffered from asthma and chronic allergies as a child in addition to the other issues I had such as a benign tumor on my arm which resulted in a near death experience at the age of 12. My home was one where my parents where in an emotionally abusive relationship. It was a difficult childhood as the church we were in also did not believe in the spiritual gifts such as those of prophecy, visions and dreams and the manifestation of speaking in tongues. And these gifts were prevalent in my life from childhood. Due to our religious beliefs, my father believed that my gifts were a sign of mental illness and as such I suffered severely from the punishments he gave me to punish this behavior out of me. One of the ways which my dad would punish me was by putting me in a dresser under the shelf where I would have to fold my body into a fetal position and then he would lock the door with a key. It was dark, dank and terrifying and as children we lived in fear because the slightest thing we did could warrant us getting a “cupboard” punishment as we referred to it. There were some pleasant times. Like playing the piano and playing with friends but it was all overshadowed by the drama and trauma of domestic abuse and lack of love that plagued our so called “Christian” family.

What would you say was the narrative that was expressed to you based upon where you grew up, how you grew up and the messages you received?

The narrative was that I was worthless, that my spirituals gifts were foolish and that I was mad. It was ingrained in me that I would be beaten by men just like my aunt, that women were inferior and good for nothing. I would always be poor. Members of the church said I was not good enough to marry a man with means. And that my gift of giving and loving others would mean I would always be poor because I love giving gifts to others and I believed that nothing good could ever come of my life.

How did that narrative play out in your decisions, actions and feelings about yourself?
I become reclusive and withdrew from society suffering from extremely low self-esteem and depression and I cried all the time for the hopelessness of my situation, I was always in pain especially in my heart it was shattered to shreds a gazillion of times. There was no love in our home and as such I started dating big men from the age of 14 looking for love and acceptance only to find that they only wanted me for my body. By my late teens and early twenties I had drawn the conclusion that all men were dogs and that I was refrained from ever trying to have an intimate relationship with anyone because no one could heal the deep pain to lived in my heart.
What was the catalyst or main event that made you say that narrative needed to change?
The mild nervous breakdown I had at the tender age of 17. I had done what everyone else said I should do and buried who I really truly was to please others and this is all I had to show for it. Something had to change and this was when I began the journey to healing, finding my truth and changing my narrative.
What is the new narrative in your life?
I now walk in my divine soul purpose, serving the world in empowering them to move from pain to purpose. I am creating an Exodus(movement) of healed people who will in turn heal others with their story. I am free to be who I was created and called to be, I am a queen, I am worthy of every dream I have ever had and ever dream that God has for me….. I am beautiful, fearfully and wonderful made. I am a queen walking royally in my calling.
How does this new narrative show up in your everyday life?
It shows up in my life, ministry and business because I have created my ideal lifestyle and platform for the birthing of my dreams and visions by incorporating my soul purpose, life experiences, work experience, qualifications and divine calling. My mandate is to make sure that I do not repeat the cycle of abuse but rather change the world by being a better person especially in the lives of my children. Now that I have released my story publicly it is even more fulfilling to see that my new narrative is showing up the the lives of people worldwide.
What advice would you give someone who wanted to create a new narrative but didn’t know how to do it?
Take some time to “be still” and get silent and centered by seeking God and getting his confirmation regarding your purpose here on earth. In order to change your narrative you MUST know your divine soul purpose. Make a list of the things that give you the most joy while doing them and aim to create your lifestyle strategically around these things and you will see your narrative begin to change. If after trying to do it by yourself you still feel confused and unsure of the path you should take consult with a lifestyle coach, mentor or person you admire in the vocation you desire to create a new narrative. Find people and peer groups who are going where you want to go. People who have the right mindset and live by the life and business morals, principles and practices you would like to see in your new narrative and take their advice and implement it in your unique style.
Tonight I will leave you with a poem that expresses the opening and closing acts of Rosanne’s narrative.
A Fork In the Road

Happiness seeping away,
I pray that I shall find it inside
and as the moonlight grows stronger each day
it’s backwards, inside out you might say.

where is daylight? is there an end?
My dilemma is hopeless, with no friends,
I’m thinking there won’t be an end.
Back to square one, restarting it all,

someone catch me, I’m about to fall.
Standing tall but stooping low
Why do I do this?
Stand tall, but no.

I stoop to the bottom of every life.
Not being noticed,
They do not strive
To trudge through darkness
and come out with a life.

Why do I do this,
I do not know.
Standing tall
but stooping low.

Who am I?
Where have I gone
On the road of life so troubled and worn.

Once there was a road that forked,
The bad the good.
I wished to pass to the other road,
For the one I traveled was littered

With broken dreams, and troubled souls.
Ripped up hearts and nothing grows
But agony and sorrow in abundance
I felt hopeless, That my fate was set.

Then a foot bridge I saw,
And crossed over and met
With the road of good, of dreams come true.
Sorrow no more, laughter grew.

Once there was a road that forked,
The bad, the good, be careful what you choose,
For it is just one simple decision, a flip of a coin
That will choose your fate and hold you hostage.

A footbridge you might see,
Choose it when you might,
Its your decision, a flip of a coin
That will cross you over to the life of joy.

To stay connected to Rosanne Reid please reach out to her via social media.
Twitter @RosanneReid

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