Sleeping in the Bed You Made: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


For the month of April the theme for this blog will be #ChangeYourNarrative. The definition of a narrative is a story or account of events, experiences, or the like, whether true or fictitious. Everyone has a narrative. Narratives are what connect us to those people, places and things that are most like us. Every choice you make in life is fully connected to the narrative that you tell yourself about yourself. Every relationship you enter starts with you accepting the narrative of the potential suitor or friend. But as the definition states the narrative can be true or fictitious. It’s amazing that a group of siblings can live in the same house with the same parents and come out with totally different narratives. 

Your birth order, your parents age when you were born and many other factors will dictate how you experience life. We make decisions based on the foundational and structural narrative that is created at an early age. There is a reason why most older siblings think that the youngest child is spoiled. And the middle child feels invisible. How freeing would it be for the oldest child not to feel the pressure of keeping it together for everyone? What dreams would they pursue if there wasn’t a need to be responsible for others?

Narratives make us either the heroes or the villains. The victim or victorious. We either nurse our wounds and scars or figure out the maize of our pain points to help others along the way. Our parents actions and environment tell us how our story begins. But, our own actions dictate how our story ends.

How will you start to #ChangeYourNarrative today now that you know you have the power to use your eraser and tell a different story? Will you choose today to sleep in a bed you made or one that was made for you?

The choice is yours.


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