Unspeakable Joy: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


The beautiful bride and I having a moment of unspeakable joy. Let us also note that Tootsie Roll was playing in the background.

We all have moments when the road gets rough, we cannot see the light and we are just in a funky headspace. I know I am not the only one and neither are you. Hence the collective pronoun we. But, I do know we have moments of laughter, light, and loving in the fullness of great moments. The wedding of my dear friend Je’Nai two weekends ago was one of those moments. I am a wedding fanatic. A bomb reception with great people, music and food makes my heart sing. The nuptials of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson-If-Ya-Nasty was amazing. Love, laughter and light could be felt in the atmosphere from the time we stepped in the door at the Charles H. Wright Museum.

But let’s be honest, most people coming to the wedding knew as soon as we heard they were engaged that the wedding and reception would be an event of EPIC proportion. And boy did they deliver. During the online RSVP process guests were asked song suggestions for the playlist. Well the fact that Je’Nai and I both have a love for all things MC Hammer related made this one a no-brainer for me. However, the bride made my day when she requested for the DJ to drop that 69 Boyz Tootsie Roll. I ran out to the dance floor as if Idris Elba’s bathwater was being auctioned to the highest bidder. Ok that’s a bit dramatic but I seriously love that song and will probably Tootsie Roll at my 90th birthday party.

There was an unspeakable joy that engulfed the atmosphere. Seeing people who went from co-workers to friends to family was pure joy. Back when the old “crew” worked together laughter was always on the lunch menu. Running to each others office to talk about the latest hot topic on campus or watching the craziest YouTube videos was what we lived for. We made magic and miracles happen because we carefully wove together the thought that work should be fun. But not at the cost of our students.

So on that night two weekends ago, the stars aligned not for just Je’Nai and Brandon but for all of us. That laughter, love and light that we created over 10 years ago in an office where we lived to serve students now inhabited the museum.

Je’Nai, thank you for not just being my framily (friend/family) but for also creating an opportunity for me to get my unspeakable joy back. May your marriage to Brandon be full of laughter, love and light as you Tootsie Roll together as one!


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