Cousin Love: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


A Good Time Equals=Love+Laughter+Hugs+Sarcasm+Jesus+Spades+Adult Beverages+Fish Fry+Good Music(-)Foolishness(-)Drama.

As I reflect on my childhood, I realize how influential my family is as an adult. From the Friday Fish Frys at Aunt Gladys and Aunt Van house to Ms. Agee taking us all to Rouge Park for a picnic, family and togetherness has been the pillar of my existence. Each person brings their own unique brand of crazy to the table. We are accepting of each other’s flaws and missteps. We also rejoice in our accomplishments and celebrations. It is amazing to have a group of people that share the same inside jokes and can laugh all night long about things that would tear most families a part. I tell people all the time if you can’t get along with my family you must be insane.

We are the first ones to give a potential mate the once over to make sure they are legit. We also get in each other’s business from time to time (ok, maybe it’s more of the older cousins job) but we do it out of love and concern. In tragedy we are there holding each other up, drying each others tears and trying to make sense out of our nonsense. Our GroupMe chatroom is the place secrets are told, private pictures are shared and craziness is consumed. We will kill a brick for each other but hold on another accountable.

My family is not perfect, but it’s our perfectly imperfect way of loving one another that we continue to stay together.

Hey Cousin!


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