Change Your Narrative One Thought At a Time: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


In a previous blog, The Tales We Tell, I wrote about how we have a tendency to live life through the narratives we create or were told growing up.  Each experience in life adds layers to the narrative and before long our life is a movie that has twenty sequels. I pride myself on using this platform to evoke thoughts, reflections and solutions. The process of changing your narrative starts with one simple, but at times, difficult step. Change your thoughts.

How you see your place in the world impacts your narrative. The people you attach yourself to can infiltrate your story. The truths and lies you feed yourself and others make for really good storytelling. We could all probably win a Writers Guild Award for the story we have etched in the recesses of our mind. This narrative is played out in our everyday decisions and interactions.

But have you ever wondered what would happen if you selected a different thought? Yep, it’s that simple. Choose to believe something other than what you have been told or conditioned to accept. The key to re-writing your life script is to actually show up as the main character and put your thoughts into action. No longer can you be a bystander in your life. You can no longer let life happen to you. Your changed thought process has to align with your actions. Put the world on notice. You will no longer think or act as if your situation will never change or get better. That last line was really me talking to myself. See how that works?

When a thought pops into your mind that is contrary to how YOU want to show up in your life story choose a different thought. A thought that is more positive, more loving and more true to who YOU are. When people try to remind you that people like you don’t do things like this. Choose a different thought. Then say that thought out loud. Put them on notice. No longer will that be your narrative. The other key to changing our narrative is to own how we have contributed to it. Good, bad or ugly. Again it starts with a thought. Just as thoughts can change so can narratives.

My all time favorite narrative changers are:

  • Mary J. Blige
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Serena and Venus Williams
  • Precious Jeter (my little cousin)

Come back to Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed during the first week of April as I explore how changing the narrative had the butterfly effect on these women.

Thanks for coming out, God Bless, Goodnight!


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