Oh, You Sent Your Representative?: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed



Okay this blog is a short public service announcement for everyone, but more importantly the single folks on the dating and business scene. Please stop sending your representative to the table. Yes, your representative. If you are seasoned like a bottle of Lawry’s then you know time is very valuable and in the words of my mama “it don’t take all day to do nothing”!

In dating sending your representative looks like this:

We meet out and about. We exchange phone numbers. You call me (cause really I hate calling first, call me old-school). The conversation is going well. We go on a date. It’s all gravy baby. Then all of a sudden it takes a Michigan-left because your talk and walk don’t line up. If you don’t like going to the movies say that. If you only like your burgers with cheese and onions say that. Just make sure you pack your church mints. If you don’t want or like children be honest. If you believe in God, but not Jesus Christ say something. I will still be nice to you, just from afar. This helps with the elimination process. And might I add this applies to both men and women.

In business sending your representative looks like this:

We meet at a networking event. We exchange business cards. I call you first (hey I need to get stuff done, so I am calling first). The initial consultation or email exchange goes great. We schedule a time to connect. You send me your materials. We talk again. My spidey senses detect something is not right. Your deliverables do not match our conversation or what’s in writing. If you don’t know how to do something I ask, don’t be ashamed to say you don’t know. I appreciate vulnerability and truthfulness. If I ask if you have a website, don’t fumble over your words telling me why you don’t have one. Just say I don’t at the time. I am more concerned with what you are able to create and save me time and money on. If I am your first client tell me. I give people grace because we all have to have a first client. And if you are really dope at what you do I LOVE being the first person to say that “my person”.

Please stop sending your representative. Bring your authentic self to all tables of life. Being pretentious and puffed up serves no one. It gives you a bad name. And the streets are always watching and talking. Show up as your best self, whatever that may be.  

Stop sending your representative to do and say things that you know good and doggone well you don’t want, like or care about. As the man in the DHS office said so eloquently 20 years ago “tricks are for kids and I don’t eat cereal”.




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