Lay That Thang Down: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


I have a Bible app on my phone. Each day I get a scripture to meditate on. Now let me just be honest. I try to pray before I let my feet hit the floor, but reading the Word is not always my first go-to when looking at my phone. Yes, I need to do better. Yes, I am going to do better. No, you should not judge me. Yes, God gave me the ability to read minds so if you are judging me I will know. Just kidding!

I did however look at today’s scripture first thing this morning. It reads:

Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passion and desires. Gal 5:22 

Now, most of my friends are Christians. I have a lot of close friends who are ministers, pastors or just flat out servants for the Lord. The main thing that connects us is our love of Christ; however the one thing that keeps us together and accountable is our understanding of our humanity. This scripture speaks directly to our understanding that as much as we LOVE JESUS, adore praise and worship and our ability to slap the devil to sleep on sight we still must deal with the issue of our flesh daily.

The understanding of flesh in this text is not just skin to skin, Marvin Gaye let’s get it on flesh (although that’s a real issue..especially for us single folks). But that’s another blog for another day. The flesh in this scripture is also speaking to our issues with weight or wait (as in I cannot wait to eat..I’m guilty of it), anger, standing in judgement of others or any passion or desire that is not connected to God’s TRUE LIVING WORD. Our flesh will make us cuss somebody out if it is not checked. It will make us envious or even depressed. We will lust more and work less. We will ask for more forgiveness than permission.

Oh yes, that flesh can get us out of pocket if it is not chin-checked daily. And that’s why I must start reading my Word of the Day before my feet hit the floor. What good is an on-time word if you get it after the fact?  How much damage could have been prevented if I had started my day with a scripture?

The reading and hearing of God’s Word does not make you straighten up and fly right. It is the daily application of His truths that make your flesh die so that He can live in you!


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