Double Dutching Thru Life: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


I have many nicknames: Nita, Bonita Applebum, Shaniqua, Vee, V-Diddy and Mama Vee. If you can think of any variation of the name Vanita I probably have been called it. I have recently been given a nickname that is starting to grow on me: “The General”.  In addition to working a 9 to 5 where I help middle and high school students prepare for college, writing this blog and being the 2015 Top Retailer for So Yummy Products; I am the founder of Gifted Visions Unlimited. My job as a Vision Strategist is to help dreamers put legs on their visions so that they can walk them into their reality. A client that I am working with has crowned me “The General” and I proudly where that name. I give marching orders and expect execution. Otherwise, what good is a Vision Strategist. Right?

However, in our last session my client had an aha! moment. She finally said out loud what I was thinking, “why do I keep double dutching when it comes to getting stuff done?”. These were my exact thoughts. When God gives us a vision, a dream or a gift we tend to want to rock back and forth waiting for the right time to execute. Now, don’t get me wrong, timing is very important in double dutch. Jump too fast, too slow, too high or too low and the rope comes to a complete halt. But in order to figure that out you need to JUST JUMP! Double dutch is just like anything else in life. Practice makes perfect. You play the way your practice. It takes patience, resilience, commitment and stamina to keep going until you find that perfect rhythm. Delivering on the God-given dream requires the same process. The same ingredients for success apply.

When birthing any dream or vision it’s the same concept. You just have to JUMP IN! Head held high, face against the wind with a smile on your face. Have you ever gazed at little black girls playing double dutch? Their sense of freedom, fearlessness and boldness with each step is what black girl magic is made of. What’s even more amazing to me is when more than one girl jumps into the rope. The vision can be shared with your best girlfriends just like the jump rope. In the words of mama “The Warden”: It don’t take all day to do nothing.

So today I triple double dog dare you to jump in the rope. Even if you are scared. Even if you cannot catch the rhythm. Even if your timing may be off. Jump! Head up, chest out and smile spread wide. Jump! Your inner child needs to see the grown woman win in a major way.



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