2016, Get In Position: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


It’s here Good People! Jan 1st 2016. If you are reading this it means we made it to see another year. Thank you sweet baby Jesus in the manger for that. Okay now that the celebration is over. The euphoric high of making it to 12:00am has come and gone. It’s time to get to work, stop playing, get off the fence and get into the game. Like for real. Today is not the day for soft and fluffy words, empty clichés, or dead on arrival resolutions.

Today is the first day to get it done and get in position. Whatever your “it” is you need to get “it” in position.

If your “it” is….

  • A blog. Position it to be read around the world.
  • A business. Position it to be fruitful.
  • A marriage. Position it to be focused on Kingdom building.

Start somewhere. Doing something. Create goals. Make them S.M.A.R.T.

Get an accountability partner. Go back to school. Read a book on your industry. Find a mentor. Commit your thoughts to paper.

But for the love of cheese and grits do something. You are the missing piece to someone’s puzzle. You are the missing link to someone’s chain. The world needs your brilliance.

You are the someone you’ve been waiting for. Get off the porch with the puppies and step into the street with the big dogs.

Your future is calling…pick up the phone!



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