Beep, Beep Who Got The Keys to the Jeep: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


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My children can always hear me before they see me. I love KEYS! For example, whenever they attended after school care they always knew when I was close to the classroom by the sound of my keys. What’s even funnier is that when I attended the catholic school equivalent of after school care, “late room”, at St. Mary’s of Redford I could tell when my mama was close by the click of her Ganto’s Boutique heels and her keys.

But my question to you tonight is a simple one. What person, place or thing is holding the keys to your future? What divine connections are you opening yourself up to in order to be in the front seat of your future? What choices are you making today that your future self will thank you for?

I just declared on Facebook that December is the month of divine connections. I see it. I feel it. I hear it. I do it. I have connected with some pivotal people within the first 6 days of December. These folks are so important to my journey. They will assist God and I by thrusting me into 2016 with so much vigor and fortitude that the only thing WE as a group can do is WIN. And WIN BIG!

You hold the keys to your destiny. You also hold a key to someone else’s success. Don’t miss key opportunities by trying to keep your keys to yourself. Keys can take the shape of resources, skills, expertise, knowledge or just support for something outside of yourself.

So let me know, who has the keys to your jeep?


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