My Mama Thinks Facebook Is the Devil: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


Photo courtesy of  Saturday Night Live

I watched a Periscope last night from a young lady who talked about how it was very hard to explain to her family what she actually did for a living because she was a blogger and entrepreneur. It was especially hard for her parents to understand how she made money being behind a keyboard all day. The scope was so real and funny at the same time.

In the vain of Usher Raymond this blog is my confession. I like many others initially used Facebook as a way to connect with people from my past, keep up on the latest happenings in the lives of others and look at foolishness. I reposted, shared and liked anything from the insane to the absurd. This was before memes, gifs and word swagg made their appearances on the scene. Because neither of my parents have Facebook, I would share these insane things with them. I still do, just not as much. Well, my mother is known for her views on Facebook. Her famous quote is “Facebook is the devil!”. ALL of my close friends and family know that if we bring up Facebook around my mom that will be her first reaction. And might I add it is hilarious!

However, on this new found road to living out my God-given purpose and pursuit of happiness I have come to use Facebook and all social media for that matter, in a way that is productive and positive. My circle of support and influence has blossomed because of social media. I have been the most productive in my personal goals since using social media in a way that expands my knowledge base. It has also helped me reframe how I see my life because I have been exposed to others who are doing some of the same things I aspire to do. Social media allows me to have a captive audience for this blog. It has exposed me to people, places and things beyond my local community. So although I do think “the Facebook” (that’s what old folks call it) can turn into the devil when used the wrong way, I also understand that it has its proper place when used correctly.

Let me give you a road map to how social media has helped me create the life I want instead of a life that is dictated to me:

  • Finally set down and read an email from Aprille Franks-Hunt who is the founder of Coach, Speak and Serve Lounge on Facebook this group confirmed my calling to be a life coach, write a blog and books and tell others about my journey. Aprille is a servant leader. I get mentored in an informal way by her knowledge and transparency.
  • Met a CSS member in real life. Coach Char and I clicked immediately. And I crowned her my formal mentor (Panera Bread will never be the same). She has encouraged me, lit a fire under my behind and confirmed that I am a great writer.
  • Met “The Message Midwife” Je Tuan Jones in CSS but now I am a part of her community in The Writing Delivery Center. She has helped me put legs to my vision of putting my blogs into a book. And might I add her own writings make me fall in love with black love stories all over again.
  • Reconnected with Raquelle Harris and Shelonda Sims whom I have known since high school. They are a part of my Facebook Gifted Visions Unlimited: Dreamers Circle Group. Raquelle is my sister in writing and Shelonda is my sister in coaching.
  • I found out on Facebook that my sister Chloe Cedrea has the gift of administration so she is helping me navigate that part of my dream. She is also living out her dreams on Facebook with The Biggest Heart, Inc.

I can go on and on all day telling you about the AWESOME, LOVING and SUPPORTIVE people that social media has exposed me to. Social media has the capability to bridge the digital divide in business. We now have more access to knowledge, content and information than ever before. Let’s do more positive things with social media.

Hell who knows, my mama just may decide to get her a Facebook page. Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen. Jesus in the flesh would have to come back and take a selfie with her before she did that!

I love you mama! LOL!




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