Observations From the Other Side of the Table: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


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Inquisitive, analytical, knowledge seeker or observant are all words that I have come to embrace about myself. Now as a child this was called nosey. I was one of those little kids who would pretend like I was cleaning up or watching tv while my Mama was on the phone talking to whomever, about whatever. I can still remember her saying to one of her friends “see girl, she is not going to pump me for information”. In my child like mind I imagined someone hooking up a tire pump to my Mama and with every push of the lever information would just spew out of her mouth. HILARIOUS, right! See that was me being nosey. I also realized being inquisitive is an inherited trait that all my children have. My daughters run on the nosey side of the spectrum. And my son is more on the analytical side. And yes, we get it from my Mama (See Mama I gave you your propers. In writing).

As an adult, being super observant/analytical is a gift and a curse. I watch people. I notice changes in their body language, tone inflections, eye contact, what is and what is not being said. It is very helpful in the field of Social Work and Education. But, it can at times drive me crazy. Sometimes I feel like I have adult ADD because so much is going on in my head. Again the gift and the curse. Now most people who know me will say I have the gift of discernment. I can spot a wolf in sheep’s clothing immediately. This was not always the case in my romantic life, check the receipts from my last divorce. However, when I really tune in and use the gift it never fails.

As I embark on this continuous journey of trying my hand at writing a blog, a book, selling So Yummy Products, starting my own life coaching business, working for my investor, being a Mama and just living, I have made some observations that I would like to share with you:

  • All people and situations have some good in them. It just depends on the day.
  • At times you can get more support from strangers than from family.
  • Everyone has the desire to make their dreams come true. It just takes the right confluence of people, places and things to tap into them.
  • Always check your motives before you put a plan into action.
  • We tend to provide people with a lower level of grace than we expect.
  • Pay attention to how God is trying to connect the dots in your life. No one dot is insignificant.
  • People are shocked when you give and not expect anything in return.
  • It is hard for many to ask and accept help.
  • Negative self talk will destroy you quicker than other people’s words.
  • There are more people who will support you than are against you.
  • Quality will beat quantity any day of the week.
  • Ask others how you can support them. Then do it.
  • Being honest, authentic and kind will get you farther than your connections.

I have observed many other things, but I am trying to build an empire like Oprah so I have to stop there.

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