Protect The Dream:Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


I was listening to one of my sisters-in-Christ on Periscope Pastor Rochelle White (yes, please go follow her, she is the triple truth) and she spoke of how her sister Rev. Talisha Belk (yes, please follow her also, I call her the Mary J. Blige of the women’s ministry) told her at the TOP of the year that 2015 was the year of the DREAMER! Now, I don’t know about you but I have been living my life this year with expectancy that God will blow my mind in ways that I could not even fathom. And even though we only have 44 days until 2016, I know for sure that God’s time is infinite.

Because I like to coin myself as Transparent Trudy, I can say that I did not always have that expectancy nor was I intentional about protecting my dreams. See, there was a time in my life where I leaned to my own understanding about what my life should look and feel like. I made decisions that yielded bad consequences, I chose people who were no good for me and I suffered. Why? Because I did not protect the dream that God gave me long ago while I was sitting on a bus skipping school with one of my best friend’s (check out her blog A Real Housewife by Q.Jackson, yes I show no shame when it comes to supporting my friends). God told me that all of the mistakes, mishaps and skipping school would push us to go back to that very same school and talk to girls about what NOT to do. This was given to me at the age of 16.

But I did not protect the dream. I allowed the voices and choices of myself and others to dictate my dream trajectory. I did not protect the dream. Or was it that I did not accept the dream? Did I think that I had done too much, fell off too far and was not worthy of the dream on a large scale. Yes, I could offer guidance, words of encouragement and informal mentorship to others but did I really understand these were all things leading up to the dream? Or was I just living life, not being intentional or strategic about my dreams?

Let me show you how careless I was about my dreams. My second husband was a piece of work honey, ok. And I am not just saying that because we are divorced. He was the epitome of being a Unicorn (if you want to know what that is click the link, it will bless you and make you laugh). He was a thief. He stole my dreams.

I have been journaling since elementary school. I kept a diary, journal or dream book beside my bed for as long as I can remember. Well, Mr. Snoopy decided to go through my things and read my journals and within the blink of an eye the dreams from the past 2-3 years of my life were GONE. SEE YA LATER. BYE. ADIOS. GONE. He tore the book to shreds. I had full workshops, seminars, summer programs for girls and outlines for books in that journal. They were now gone. Why? Because I didn’t protect the dream from the dream theft. But guess whose fault it was? Mine. I did not protect the dream because as crazy as he was I chose him.

Oh, but this is what I LOVE about the God I serve. I was told by my old pastor Gregory Cannon that you cannot out dream God. When I finally let that marinate in my spirit and accepted it as fact, that’s where the abundance of the God-given dream began to manifest again in my life. No longer would I allow any person, place or thing to rob me of my joy or my dreams. No longer would I be held captive by my past, hide in my present or be scared of my future. I now understand that THIS DREAM, at THIS TIME has to be protected. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

And this is why I love this song. Dream on Dreamer!


4 thoughts on “Protect The Dream:Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed

  1. Reminds Me of myself as well as my second husband But God This Man Was not only a theif he was a wolf in sheep clothing pretending to love the lord my kids and I. god showed me the red flags and i contiunied to ignore them until disater hit . Oh God I thought my heart dropped in my stomach What did I just Do What did I Marry satan himself i thought But God ..I quickly Got out of that marriage as of seperating from him and soon in the process of divorce ..I to had strap books of my plans and goals and he wanted to hear them all rubbing his hands together knowing he had a winner by his side and happy he’d married the right woman..But God had another Plan ..One night we were invited to a friend of mines church and a great man of God Pastor Randy now deceased called me up to the pulpit and said to me walk down the isle and when you come back bring him with you now mind you him and i were not married at the tim we were just engaged so i did what pastor randy told me to do and when him and i reached the pulpit Pastor randy said to him do You even know whom she is my fiance said yea and shrugged his shoulders as if it was nothing pastor randy said it again he said to him this woman that you’re standing next to is an asset to you this woman is a woman of God Ect ..I said that to say this I understand what you went through and when God Has a calleng on your life there is nothing nothing nothing anyone else can do about it Hallelujah .Thank you for sharing your testimony love and be blessed


    1. Thank you so much Tanisha. First, for sharing your testimony and second for encouraging me. I am so glad that God saw past my disobedience and still gives me the gifts and tools I need to do His work. You be blessed as well! We need women like you!


  2. This is a lesson took me more than a few times to learn! I had the terrible habit of taking detours and thinking that I was supposed to be on someone else’s bandwagon even though I knew my assignment! I didn’t protect my dream and before I knew it, my dream was lost. I was so caught up in someone else’s vision that the one that I was given by the creator was GONE.

    This is an excellent post and it serves as a reminder that our visions and dreams should be cherished. We have to protect them.

    Thank you for sharing!


    1. Je Tuan thank you so much for reading and commenting. We all need a reminder because there are so many distractions that we create and then start to wonder what happened? Why haven’t I moved quicker? Well we let someone else dictate our dream trajectory. I appreciate your feedback. May all of your God-given and God-granted dreams become YOUR reality!


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