Take Care of What God Gave You: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed


I took a mental health day to recoup after having a migraine all weekend. I also needed this day to get my house in order…literally! My apartment looked like El Niño ran smack dab into my living room with no signs of letting up. See let me just have a moment of transparency. I HATE cleaning up. Yes, that’s right ladies and gents I despise it.

As a child/teen my parents made me clean EVERYTHING! I used to vacuum the porch,  yeah you heard me, the porch! We had an enclosed porch with indoor/outdoor carpet and I was the designated vacuumer. I washed windows (inside/outside) with newspaper and a spray bottle that contained vinegar and water in addition to all of the other chores bestowed upon me. Did I mention we had black iron rod bars on the windows? Yeah, we lived in the ‘hood, what can I say? Chores and I have a love/hate relationships and I am not ashamed to tell it.

However, about 6 months ago, God dropped this in my spirit: I cannot give you more until you take care of what ya got! See, back in March/April my car was on its way to car repair heaven. I needed a new car but didn’t want to pay a car note. I hadn’t had one in 2 years. My car looked like my 6 year old lived in the back seat. French fries, dolls, blankets, pens, and change rolled with us everywhere we traveled. Finding a new car proved to be challenging and I was getting frustrated. Then all of a sudden I heard God say “Go Clean out that Nasty Car NOW”!  So on a brisk Saturday morning, I ran outside, hand in hand with my 6 year old and we cleaned the mess out of that car. From the front to the back. That Wednesday I had a brand new car.

I pray daily for God to bless me with a house. You already know what He told me, right? If it took a migraine for me to get my priorities in order then so be it. Let this be a lesson to all that if God can’t trust you with $2.00 He surely will not bless you with $2million.

I’ll send you an invite to the housewarming. But Merry Maids will be on speed dial.


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