C.R.E.A.M: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed

Singing “Cash Rules Everything Around Me, CREAM get the money dolla, dolla bill y’all.” Yes, I can listen to Tye Tribbett and Wu Tang Clan. God just made me special like that. But tonight’s Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed is focused on money and our relationship to it. One of the mantra’s that I have taken on comes from a woman who is like a mother to me. She let this little, loud-mouth, sassy, and sometimes mischievous 12 year old hang out with her daughter in the 6th grade. And we are still together 27 years later! Carolyn MacDonald said these profound words to us “if money is the only issue, it’s really not the issue”. As a budding entrepreneur, business woman and creative dreamer, this advice has become my go to mantra. When I make LACK of money my focal point of not producing or progressing I am always reminded that there are tangible things I can do to enhance my life that do not require money. Money is a resource to assist in getting things done, but it is not the ONLY resource. When we focus more on our area of lack than our area of divine provision we miss the mark.

So tonight I want to explore a new acronym for C.R.E.A.M that takes the focus off of money and places the focus back on your purpose, passion, and pursuits.

C: Creative. We must become more creative in our thinking to make our dreams a reality. Dream Big. Think out of the box. Matter of fact think out of the octagon. As a single parent for the last 19 years, I have become a resource queen. Actually I am the princess, my mama is the queen. Find low to no cost ways to create while you are actively (working your faith) waiting for your big pay day. Start a blog. Create a Facebook Group. Find free workshops. Go to your local Small Business Development Center. Use the internet for research of your product or service.

R: Renew your mind. Stop that stinkin’ thinkin’. Stop doubting yourself and your abilities. Find a prayer group. Start a group for people who have a similar spirit and vision to be prosperous. Read books that inspire you. Research successful people who are doing similar things, and find out their steps to success. This may shock some, but email those people. At least 1 may respond.

E: Experience and exposure are FREE of charge. We are all connected to social media, a group or network in some way, shape or form. Instead of liking pics and statuses all day on social media; connect to folks who are providing free webinars, call-ins, information, etc. Utilize your network to increase your networth. Support others, who in turn will support you. Extend yourself to people, places and spaces that push you beyond your comfort zone. Journey into the unknown. Who knows, you just might like it there.

A: Acceptance. On this journey, I am learning that there are a lot of things I must accept. I consider myself to be a very “thick skinned” person sensitive thug. But the sting of rejection as times can hurt even for the “Teflon Dawn”. Accept it, move on. For every person who pooh pooh’s on your dream, there will be 5 more people who think you are brilliant. Accept that you don’t need everybody’s acceptance. Accept help. Accept support. Accept compliments. Accept that at many times during this journey you are just winging it. The more you are open to being pushed, pulled, and molded the more you grow.

M: Master and Move. This is a phrase my director uses in his life. Master a skill, a talent or vocation. Then move. Teach it to someone else. Pitch it to a group of people who support you. Coursera (www.coursera.org/) has free courses from IVY LEAGUE Colleges and Universities. Yes people, the seeds to mastery are free here. The only thing that it will cost you is your time, attention, energy and brain power. Guess what? All of those things are can be replenished.

I have come to the realization that in this season of my life FREEDOM of time is waaaaaayyyyyy more valuable to me then money. Money is a by-product from exercising your freedom in a strategic, effective, and efficient manner.

Now, in memory of the infamous words at the end of the the movie Juice “you got the juice now”. Go forth and be FABULOUS!


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