Wise Words From Wise Women: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed

Tonight’s Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed is brought to you by the phrase “sleep deprived”. I need hangers for my eyelids because I am sleepy as the day is long. So this post will not be long at all.

I know some AMAZING women, who are doing AMAZING things, in AMAZING ways. These women also provide sound advice, guidance, and thoughtful insight. I just want to provide you with some words of encouragement. We are all either at the beginning, going through or coming out of a storm. Let these words carry you through the storms of life.

  • Favor ain’t fair.
  • It don’t take all day to do nothing.
  • If money is the only issue stopping you from doing something then it’s not really the issue.
  • The main reason God has us here is to love one another; He pretty much has everything else covered.
  • Don’t envy other people’s lives. You don’t know what they had to do to get what they have.
  • Do it afraid.
  • Remind yourself of who God is everyday. This is a daily reminder of who you are as well.
  • Stay in your lane. Use your blinker and your side mirror before making lane changes.
  • You cannot out dream God.
  • Get rid of the negative nouns in your life.
  • People give the devil too much credit. Stop making him so important by constantly name dropping.
  • Hurt people, hurt people.
  • Let me get down to where you live and breath.
  • In order to have good friends, you have to know how to be a good friend.
  • I just want to see people win.
  • And my favorite that really resonates with me at this point in my life…….her success is not my failure.

Thanks for coming out, God Bless and Goodnight!


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