Do It Afraid: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed

Back in Dec. 2003 I made one of the bravest decisions of my life. I sold my house, quit my job, got a divorce, and packed myself and my children up to move 3 hours away to a small town in upper Michigan to pursue a college degree. It was scary at times, I had some anxiety and most people thought I was crazy (especially my daddy). But I did it anyway. We left the Saturday after Christmas Day. I left with a $50 check from my Aunt Vickie that I couldn’t cash until Monday and only after I established a new bank account. But I did it anyway.

We have to learn how to Do It Afraid! We cannot wait for the right time, place or circumstance to manifest. Yes, you might get the bg’s (bubble guts). Yes, you may fail. Yes, people won’t understand. But, Do It Afraid!

Why should you Do It Afraid?

  1. Simply because you can. Yesterday, I talked about making different choices in life. Doing it afraid goes along with this concept. You can choose to become paralyzed with fear, doubt or shame. Or you can make a conscious decision to move beyond your discomfort. When you do it afraid, you are making a public declaration to the world that faith, not fear rules your world.
  2. Somebody is watching your every move. My children were watching me fly by the seat of my pants. My 17 year old sister was watching me be brave and commit to my dreams. A friend and a close family member were watching ever so closely. They then too committed to do it afraid. They left their jobs, homes and packed up their children and obtained degrees.  That’s a lot of responsibility and pressure for one person to shoulder. However, because I made up my mind to do it afraid  it fueled the fire in them to do it afraid.
  3. The gains are better than the loses. Oh I did lose some people, places and things in my journey. There was hurt and at times relief from this lost. But what I gained I wouldn’t trade for the world. A degree, experience, finding my purpose, life-long friends (CARDINAL COURT BABY), connections and exposure are all a by-product of doing it afraid.

So, in this season of my life I make a promise to myself to do more, be more and live more—even if I am afraid while doing it. I am tapping into that fearless, bold, and brave 27 year old who everyone thought was crazy for leaving the Westside of the “D” to pursue her dreams. Yes the Westside is the Best Side, Joy Rd. Exit 9 Baby! That one declaration to Do It Afraid has taught me so much about the process, the purpose and the passion of a made up mind.

Now tell me, what is holding you back from having a Do It Afraid attitude?  What are you working on now that makes you committed to the Do It Afraid mentality? Share with me in the comments section. If you would like me to assist you in Doing It Afraid drop me a line at


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