Let Freedom Ring: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed

Before I start this edition of Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed, let me first take the time out to thank all of you who have read, shared and supported me through this experience. I greatly appreciate all of you.

So let’s get this blog crack-a-lackin’! Tonight I want to talk to you about “Freedom”. Freedom can come in many forms, shapes, sizes and colors. There is financial freedom, relationship freedom, freedom of speech, etc. But tonight, I want to talk about a freedom that I experienced while being on vacation for 2 weeks. I was at home the whole time. Instead of my toes being in the sand somewhere tropical; I played Uno, Spades, Speed, Scrabble and Apples to Apples with my awesome children. Let’s just say I’m ’bout that winning life. I show no mercy not even to the 6-year-old.

My FREEDOM OF TIME was PRICELESS. Let’s explore this before I drink this Sleepytime Vanilla Tea and doze off to Netflix:

  1. Freedom of time allows God the opportunity to steady your mind and impart thoughts, visions, ideas and concepts that normally would be pushed to the side because you are so busy doing that you don’t allow yourself to be. When I slowed down and took the time out to really hear Him I opened myself up to the possibility of a different life narrative.
  2. Freedom of time helps you understand your children better. When we are working, cooking, cleaning, helping with homework and taking work home we never fully connect in an intentional way with our children. When we are so focused on the next thing we need to do, we miss the moments that matter the most like your child asking you to watch her make doll clothes out of socks and band aids. (True Story, KCK Designs coming to a TOYS R US store near you)
  3. Freedom of time helps you prioritize YOUR GOALS! That sounds so nice, let me say it twice YOUR GOALS! Being beholden to someone else’s goals, dreams, and quotas is not fun at all. We all were made for something bigger than us to impact the world. When your time is “other-centered” instead of “self-centered” you miss the mark on what is important to your (-) dash in life. (The most important date is not your birth or your death, but the dash in the middle.)
  4. Freedom of time gives you permission to try new things; but not in a hurried state. Having free time birthed this blog, a business, and increased my So Yummy Products sales. Yes, I did all of this within a 2 week period. (Shameless plug: Smell good, look good and feel good with all natural, organic/vegan hair and skin care. Check me out at soyummy.biz/retailer/371021)
  5. Freedom of time allows you to connect with those friends I talked about yesterday. We have to nurture all of our relationships. Now God hasn’t sent me a boo thang (yes, I love that word) yet; but I do have friends and family that I call my boos’ and having this time off provided an outlet to live, love and laugh with those I cherish the most.

The most surprising revelation I experienced was on Friday. My 6-year-old and I were walking down the street headed to the School of Social Work to meet with the awesome James Logan, owner of Hire Level Coaching (www.hirelevelcoaching.com). I heard a voice clear as a pair of 20/20 vision contacts say: “Remember, when embarking on this new path, freedom of time is more important than money.”

If I am mindful of the time that God provides, the 24 hours that He gives everyone in a day, the 60 minutes that everyone gets in an hour and the 60 seconds that we get in a minute; then He will be mindful of the money because both time and money are His to begin with.

Check out these Six Kinds of Freedom that I read about earlier http://www.williamgairdner.com/journal/2006/7/4/six-kinds-of-freedom.html


2 thoughts on “Let Freedom Ring: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed

    1. Thank you so much! Your audacity to write what you feel helps me. Your voice is needed. I too had the same focus issue. Then I realized that money was just a residual blessing of me being obedient to my calling. It’s all about the “Dash” baby!

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