Friends How Many of Us Have Them: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed August 24, 2015

Have you ever had a day that ended in you saying “Who in the hell left the gate open?” Well for me, today was that day. This Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed is brought to you by the letter “F” for Friendship…walk with me as I take you through these  NSRT (Not So Random Thoughts):

  1. I wonder if I was in my late teens or early twenties how I would interface with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, (insert any other social media avenue) when it came to my friendships. My close friend circle is NOT huge, enhance the word “close”. However, I come from a time that if I am your friend, especially if we have history (done dirt together, kept each others secrets, skipped school together, tootsie rolled at the club, etc…you get where I am going with this) there is no way in the world 140 characters will get in the way of our friendship.
  2. Listening in on my 19 year old’s conversation about friendships and relationships is very interesting, confusing and remarkable all at the same time. I am glad to say that she has taken a page from my life when it comes to friend loyalty; however social media still rears its ugly head in a way that at times makes me cringe.
  3. In the words of my Mama “in order to have good friends, you have to know how to be a good friend.”
  4. As I have moved and grown through life I have gained and lost many friends maybe because of distance, where we were at in our lives, moving or just life happening. However, social media has brought many of these people back into my life and for that I am happy.
  5. A “true” friend is someone who you can be your “complete” self with, a no judgement zone type of person, but will get you together if they see you about to marry someone who is really not for you, still be your friend after you marry the joker and then not throw it up in your face after you divorce the joker. (Disclaimer: Yes, I am talking about myself. My name is Mama V and I am real transparent). Thank you Andrea, Quian, and Courtney LOL.
  6. All of your friends should not possess the same qualities nor should they think and act just like you. Diversity in the “frienshipplace” is just as important as diversity in the “workplace”. You need to have the following type of friends:

Prayer Maven: Someone who is an expert at praying at the drop of a dime, without hesitation even when you don’t have the words to express your request

Rational Reality Counselor: Someone who will give you sound advice and not give in to your whining, crying and complaining about your life.

Comic Relief: Someone who you can laugh with about any and everything including yourself. They are here for all of the shenanigans.

Super Sensitive Thug: Someone who has a heart of gold and loves Jesus, but you know  they will  quickly cry with you as sure as they will ride out in the Kia Soul and get somebody together. (FYI…that’s me)

Fantastic Fashionista: Someone who will not let you go outside looking like a clown, or with too tight clothes on. They will lovingly tell you to try a different lipstick or a larger size. ‘Cause you are just too fabulous not to be cute, even on a bad day.

Lively Listener: Someone who will listen to all of your crazy hopes, dreams, visions and aspirations and tell you “Yeah girl, do it!” and remembers each thing you ever shared even if it’s 20 years later.

7. I am happy to say that my circle of friends has grown. I love them all dearly. Some of them are friends of original friends and some I picked up along my journey of life (Heck, one I even married, then divorced ha!). From, 5248 Larchmont, to St. Mary’s of Redford lateroom, to Joy Rd. Exit 9, to the halls of Cass Tech High School, to Little Rock Baptist Church, to New Light Baptist Church, to Comcast Cablevision, to Ferris State University, to the University of Michigan and Fresh Start Church I have been blessed and privileged to have friends who have enriched my life in such a way that I can’t really explain. Each one brings their true self to our friendship and we laugh, cry, scream, holler, eat, praise, and worship. But ONE thing I can say we DON’T DO is DRAMA!!!! Not many people can say that.

8. Let these songs by Whodini and Destiny’s Child be a reminder of what TRUE friendship is really about:


4 thoughts on “Friends How Many of Us Have Them: Not So Random Thoughts Before Bed August 24, 2015

  1. Great blog! I think you and I both have learned from Mama, with regards to friendship. She never really ran with a bunch of women, she has the SAME friends, and although she doesn’t talk to her friends daily, their friendship remains the same as if they never missed a beat. I’m glad you turned this into a blog. God is doing great things in your life! I’m proud of you! Love yah! 😊


  2. Great posting! I laughed as I went through # 6 and thought of my friends thinking, oh yea, I have one of those, and one of those, oh, that’s me!!! LOL! Thanks for sharing, and great job!


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